Food and Nutrition Services

Food and Nutrition Services include:

  • Breakfast, lunch and after-school wellness as a participant in the USDA National School Meal Program.
  • The Choose My Plate (food pyramid) features zero trans-fats, whole grains and improved fruit and vegetable standards. DJJ does not serve fried foods and has increased fresh items over canned, high-sodium products. 
  • Participation in the USDA Wellness program - healthy after-school snacks during a wellness lesson. 
  • Monitoring all applicable requirements of the federal School Nutrition Program - provision of required menus, use of USDA food commodities, meal counts and reimbursement to DJJ. 
  • Staff training/technical support in food safety, sanitation and clinical care and treatment.
  • Implemented an annual menu rollout meeting for food services staff with food demonstrations, taste tests and a recipe review. 

Lauren Gean, RD, LD, SNS

Director, Office of Nutrition and Food Services

Office: 404-508-6699

If you have any ideas for wellness events, please email them to the Registered Dietitian at