Division of Secure Facilities

Division of Secure Facilities

The Division of Secure Facilities provides oversight and leadership for 19 Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDCs) and the 6 Youth Development Campuses (YDCs) located throughout Georgia, ranging from 30 to 200-bed capacities.



The Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDC) are secure short-term centers for youth awaiting court to enter the community, placement in the community, or long-term facilities serving youthful offenders.

Each RYDC follows departmental policy and procedures and provides quality medical, Education, Behavioral Health, Nutrition, and general programming services.

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The Youth Development Campuses (YDC) are for youth who have been committed to the custody of DJJ for long-term services and treatments.

Each YDC follows departmental policy and procedures based on federal and state law and professional standards. In addition, each facility provides youth services that include education, health, and mental health services, food services, resident counseling, substance abuse units, vocational programming, and family visitation, among other benefits.

To view a complete mapping of our YDCs, click here