Programs and Case Management

Programs and case management staff offer an array of evidence-based group interventions for skill building and risk reduction. In addition, facility case managers provide supportive individual counseling sessions and facilitate regular youth communication with their families. 

Evidence-based interventions delivered by Programs and Case Management staff in DJJ secure facilities include:

  • A New Freedom: New Freedom is a model that is based on evidence-based concepts of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational enhancement (MET), motivational interviewing (MI), trans-theoretical stages of change, the social learning model and key coping and problem solving skills for self-efficacy. New Freedom can be delivered through group and individual therapy.

  • Thinking for a Change (T4C): This is a group approach that addresses cognitive distortions and thinking errors. The goal of T4C is to help youth identify distorted thinking and develop new skills to correct these distortions.

  • Aggression Replacement Therapy (ART): This is a group approach that addresses behavioral issues. The goals of ART are to assist youth in building in social skills, anger management, and moral reasoning.

  • EQUIP: This is a group approach for treatment of behavioral disorders. EQUIP uses positive youth culture and treatment to help youth develop anger management skills, social skills, identify and correct thinking errors, and improve moral reasoning.

  • Victim Impact: This is a group designed to educate youth on the impacts of criminal behavior on the victim and on the community. The group addresses broadly applicable empathy- and skill-building material, while additional, offense-specific material is available to be delivered in individual counseling sessions.