While holding youthful offenders accountable for their actions through probation supervision and secure detention, DJJ provides youth with medical and mental health treatment, as well as specialized programs designed to equip them with the social, intellectual and emotional tools they will need as adults. DJJ also places a premium on education. As Georgia`s 181st school district, we offer youth in our custody the opportunity to earn a high school diploma from a system accredited by AdvancED. Thousands of youths are served annually, including those who are placed on probation, sentenced to short-term incarceration, or committed to the Department`s custody by Juvenile Courts. Below, read more about our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals.


DJJ's Mission is that the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice transforms young lives by providing evidence-based rehabilitative treatment services and supervision, strengthening the well-being of youth and families, and fostering safe communities.  


Offer youth hope and change

DJJ will lead the nation in preparing young people in its care to develop and sustain productive lives.


DJJ staff members will strive to create and sustain an agency culture that values accountability, integrity, security, superior performance, ongoing personal growth, intellectual curiosity, innovation, teamwork, and leadership not only in our staff but also in the young people in our facilities and programs.


  • Operate Safe and Secure Facilities and Communities while providing educational opportunities in a Safe and supportive environment
  • Establish effective responses to the needs of Human Trafficking victims and families
  • Enhance systems of care for our Mental Health youth in facilities and communities
  • Promote recruitment, retention, and succession planning
  • Establish strategies that have a positive impact on Gang-Impacted youth in facilities and communities


  1. Operate Safe and Secure Facilities and Communities

  2. Enhance Systems of Care for Mental Health

  3. Gang Prevention and Intervention

  4. Effective Responses for Human Trafficking Victims and Families

  5. Recruitment, Retention, and Succession Planning

Download this pdf file.Agency Strategic Plan Update