Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports



Facility-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive approach to establishing the evidence-based behavioral interventions and social culture needed for success for youth in secure facilities. PBIS, a systematic framework, utilizes a data-driven decision-making framework to improve facility climate and culture, including a range of systemic and individualized strategies to reinforce desired behaviors and diminish reoccurrence of problem behaviors to achieve improved academic, emotional, and social outcomes, including those with the most complex and intensive behavioral needs. OBHS staff members work closely with facility staff and expert PBIS consultants to support PBIS programming in all DJJ secure facilities.

The implementation of PBIS creates facility-wide environments where positive behavior is actively enforced while helping youth correct problem behaviors. In addition, PBIS provides a framework for more intensive or targeted interventions to be delivered to youth who do not respond to primary intervention strategies.

The framework of PBIS empowers the DJJ Managing Teams within our facilities to identify the needs of all youth, match the level of support to the severity of the need, and then assess the youths' responses to the intervention.

PBIS Program Plan

  • Mission statement
  • Purpose
  • Expectations and acronyms (Mascot)
  • Behavioral matrix
  • Lesson plans/resource guides
  • Youth Reinforcement System
  • Staff Reinforcement System
  • Supporting materials (data collection checklists, youth handbook, brochure, etc.)


To learn more about PBIS at the Department of Juvenile Justice, contact:

Jennifer Cannington

Statewide PBIS Administrator


3408 Covington Highway

Decatur, Georgia 30032