DJJ Job Fairs/Hiring Events Cancellation

DJJ has canceled all job fairs and hiring events until further notice due to Coronavirus or COVID-19 prevention efforts. Job seekers with questions should apply for DJJ jobs at


Types of Careers

Law Enforcement / Court Services

P.O.S.T certified officers who supervise youth in facility settings or youth on probation. Come join our team.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health professionals who provide services to youth inclusive of: mental health, counseling, sexually harmful behavioral and substance abuse treatment to ensure positive behavioral intervention


Certified teacher who provide instruction to youth within DJJ facilities.

Food Service / Housekeeping / Facility Maintenance

Facility professionals who assist in maintaining and ensuring compliance with food nutrition, cleanliness and overall preservation of DJJ facilities.

Contact HR

Email our Talent Acquisition Team for more information on career opportunities with DJJ.

Talent Acquisition Team

Terry Lee, Talent Acquisition Supervisor

Jacqueline Christian, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Malia Evans, Recruiter

Richardean Few, Recruiter

Zelina Wa-Dutumi, Recruiter