Innovation is crucial to our success today and tomorrow. DJJ staff constantly seeks to refine existing programs and to cultivate new, innovative and effective ones that encourage youthful offenders to become successful members of society, and, by doing so, DJJ becomes a leader in criminal justice nationwide.

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Types of Careers

Law Enforcement / Court Services

P.O.S.T certified Juvenile Justice Officers supervise youth in facility settings while Juvenile Probation/Parole Specialist supervise youth through Probation services. Come join our team.

Health Care

Nursing, Physicians Assistant, Dentistry, Program Management, and Program Quality Assessment.

Behavioral Health

Beliefs: Every youth has the potential of becoming a productive member of society provided their needs in education, medical, and mental health are met. All students have equal and uimpeded access to educational, medical and mental health treatment. Join our team in: Case Management, Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling.


The Commissioner serves as the Superintendent of Schools for the DJJ school district. Join many others in careers as a state-certified Teacher, Special Ed Teacher, or Vocational Teacher.

Human Resource Management / Development / Administration / Grants Management

Many have careers in human resources, staff development, and training and administration.

Food Service / Housekeeping / Plant Management

The Department has large food service and housekeeping operations around the State. Some locations have plant management or maintenance engineering.

Talent Acquisition Team

Terry Lee, Talent Acquisition Supervisor

Joseph Barnett, Recruiter

Malia Evans, Recruiter

Richardean Few, Recruiter

Zelina Wa-Dutumi, Recruiter


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