Leadership Magnified as a Security Management and Response Team Member (SMRT)

The SMRT Teams (pronounced as “SMART") provide immediate and controlled response to incidents occurring within the jurisdiction of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. 


Formed to Ensure Safety

The SMRT teams are formed to ensure the safety of offenders and staff as well as overall security while building stability and lending support to facilities facing crisis situations. SMRT Teams are designed to be available for immediate statewide response at 19 Regional Youth detention Centers (RYDCs) and the 7 Youth Development Campuses (YDCs). 


The SMRT Teams will also be available to assist in the event of a serious incident involving DJJ Juvenile Probation or Parole Offices.  The SMRT Teams will be on-call and respond to any activity deemed necessary by the Commissioner, including emergency situations arising from natural and man-made disasters.