Food Service Workers

Each day, more than 3,500 Department of Juvenile Justice employees (divided amongst our 26 facilities and 97 community services offices throughout the state) work diligently to influence justice and shape the young lives in the agency's care.  DJJ employees are the key component in helping youth take responsibility for their actions and guiding them to become productive members in their communities. Because DJJ's primary responsibility involves public safety, working for the agency is an exciting and challenging opportunity. DJJ strives to create and sustain an agency culture that values accountability, integrity, safety, superior performance, ongoing personal growth, intellectual curiosity, innovation, teamwork and leadership.

DJJ seeks dedicated, energetic candidates for our Food Service Department.

Just as DJJ expects youth in our care to be accountable for their actions and to strive for excellence, the same expectation exists for DJJ staff.  From executives to individual caseworkers, DJJ staff members are expected to be efficient, creative and responsible for the work that they do. Innovation is crucial to DJJ's success today and tomorrow. The DJJ staff seeks to refine existing programs and to cultivate new, innovative and effective programs that encourage youthful offenders to become successful members of society. In doing so, DJJ remains a leader in the criminal justice field nationwide.

As a State of Georgia employer, the Department of Juvenile Justice offers employees dental, vision and medical insurance.  In addition, DJJ employeees receive sick and annual leave, retirement planning and a military incentive for armed forces veterans.

The Department of Juvenile Justice is an Equal Opportunity Employer.