DJJ Georgia Grown - 2020 Vision

The Georgia Department of Agriculture’s “2020 Vision” encourages schools to serve at least 20% Georgia Grown items on each students plate by the year 2020. The Department of Juvenile Justice already meets this goal and will continue to seek out more Georgia Grown products for youth to enjoy. The following is a list of our Georgia Grown Vendors:

Bimbo (Bread) – Atlanta, GA

GCI (Milk) – Lyons, GA

Naturally Fresh (Salad Dressing) – College Park, GA

John Soules Foods-Proview (Meat Products) – Gainesville, GA

Royal Produce (Produce) – Atlanta, GA

SunCup (Juice) – Newnan, GA

Samples Foods (Meat Products) – Atlanta, GA


Georgia Department of Agriculture's Georgia Grown Program