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Division of Treatment and Care

The Division of Community Services is responsible for intake, case management, probation, detention planning, residential care, re-entry services, and aftercare supervision. In some areas of the state, the Department shares these services with County Juvenile Court staff. Intake is the entry point at which a youth is either diverted from or formally processed into the juvenile justice system. The Division has 79 Community Services Offices and includes the Office of Residential and Community Based Services and the Office of Reentry Services.


Office of Behavioral Health Services

OBHS is committed to ensuring that youth receive the services they need and manages and administers the behavioral health service program in all DJJ facilities. These services include: mental health, general counseling and case management, sexually harmful behaviors treatment, and substance abuse treatment.


Office of Classification and Transportation Services

The Office of Classification and Transportation Services (OCATS) is responsible for ensuring that youth are appropriately screened for placement, classified according to risk and need, and are safely and securely transported.


Office of Chaplaincy Services

The Office of Chaplaincy Services supports the Department of Juvenile Justice's mission by ensuring First Amendment Rights to religious freedom, expression, and resources, including Pastoral Care to youth and staff through spiritual guidance, support, crisis intervention, and religious education.


Office of Nutrition and Food Services

The Office of Nutrition and Food Services (ONFS) is responsible for meeting the nutritional and dietary needs of youth housed in DJJ facilities.  This goal is accomplished by providing continuous education, training and support for the food services staff, menu design and distribution and nutrition education information.

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Division of Treatment and Care 

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