Office of Classification And Transportation Services

The Office of Classification and Transportation Services (OCATS) is responsible for ensuring that youth are appropriately screened for placement, classified according to risk and need, and are safely and securely transported.  OCATS provides statewide services in two core areas:  Assessment/Classification and Transportation.

OCATS provides a variety of services to the youth served by the Department of Juvenile Justice including but not limited to:  

  • Reviewing/Monitoring of Regional Youth Detention Center (RYDC) populations
  • Administering assessment tools upon commitment, coordinating and chairing the screening committee meeting
  • Processing of youth for Short-Term Program (STP), Superior Court Youth and review of all commitment packets
  • Youth placement in Youth Development Campuses (YDCs) utilizing evidence-based DJJ assessment tools
  • Processing of YDC requests and YDC extensions
  • Safe transport of youth between secure facilities, to medical appointments, interviews and other appointments as available
  • Providing assistance with Interstate Compact youth by accompanying the youth on commercial flights and providing assistance with airport surveillance

OCATS has explored and implemented changes that have streamlined the classification and placement process based on treatment and service needs as identified in the Juvenile Needs Assessment (JNA), program assignment, behavioral support and intervention needs.  OCATS identifies educational, treatment and programming needs early in a youth’s commitment, ensuring that a youth is screened appropriately for placement, classified correctly and identified needs are conveyed to the appropriate staff, thereby ensuring the youth receives the most appropriate treatment.  By ensuring a youth’s needs are properly identified, OCATS assists with ensuring the youth is released with the tools needed to become a more productive and law-abiding citizen.  OCATS provides ongoing training for all line staff that conveys the critical importance of complete and accurate documentation on youth-appropriate classification.  OCATS has assisted with the development of the Custody and Housing Assessment which provides that accurate housing decisions are also considered when matching youth with appropriate services and programs. 

The Transportation Unit is comprised of 24 Officers that ensure the safety and security of staff, youth and the general public by transporting youth humanely and safely throughout the DJJ secure facility system – both RYDCs and YDCs and mass secure transport to DJJ special events such as graduation or the Commissioner’s Youth Council.  As we have staff available, transports include medical appointments, placement interviews, placements and court appearances.  Transportation officers also provide airport surveillance to various states through the Interstate Compact Office.  By ensuring youth are properly and accurately classified and reviewed, the transportation officers are able to provide safe and secure transports.