Food Service Worker


DJJ is looking for a dedicated and reliable Food Service Worker for our secure facility cafeterias. A variety of duties are assigned in support of the overall mission of the department. 


Under direct supervision, learns to prepare, heat, and finish cooking food items and serve customers. Cleans work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes, and silverware.


DJJ offers a food service progression plan that provides promotion with additional monies at the 6th month and 18th month of employment.


  • Completes all paperwork accurately, thoroughly, and timely.
  • Maintains a high level of kitchen cleanliness and sanitation. Cleans work areas, equipment, utensils, storage areas, and dishes.
  • Cooks and prepares food according to established procedures and standardized recipes.
  • Follows preparation and serving schedule for all meals and snacks daily.
  • Ensures maintains, and documents appropriate temperature of hot and cold foods prepared and held for service.
  • Stores food according to proper temperature guidelines in appropriate areas.
  • Prepares food through the proper usage of large equipment, small wares, and utensils.
  • Prepares serving line by setting up food and supplies in the correct area and ensures temperatures remain in appropriate range throughout service.
  • Provides customer service through serving food in a pleasant, courteous, and attractive manner.
  • Follows safe food handling procedures to help ensure the health and safety of customers.
  • Follows menus, standardized recipes, portion sizes, and special diet menus.
  • Maintains cleanliness, sanitation, and organization of dining area.
  • Reports maintenance needs immediately to supervisor.
  • Demonstrates cost awareness in the use of property and supplies.
  • Operates and maintains equipment according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Ensures quality of items received from vendors and matches deliveries to invoice to ensure correct quantities and items.
  • Ensures proper inventory management and orderly storage. Follows first-in-first-out inventory management procedure and monitors weekly, or more often, for expired products in all storage areas.
  • Follows tool and chemical control procedures and completes accurate perpetual chemical inventory records.
  • Cleans equipment after use and prepares equipment for next use.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of sanitation and safety practices, proper cleaning methods, and uses the correct chemicals.


High school diploma or GED

The position may be filled at a higher level.

The Department of Juvenile Justice is an Equal Opportunity Employer.