Curriculum specialists at GPA are charged with establishing and maintaining an appropriate educational experience for all youth. These specialists seek to provide rigorous and relevant standards-based instruction, quality resources and professional learning materials that will help teachers and instructional leaders prepare students for high school graduation, post-secondary college and an array of other career opportunities.

Content-specific Curriculum Specialists are assigned to all schools to observe teachers informally and formally and ensure teachers are implementing the Georgia Standards of Excellent (GSE). Curriculum Specialists also provide clear expectations for instructional planning, instructional delivery and student assessment. Although the standards define the level of work that demonstrates achievement of the standards, the Curriculum Specialists work to ensure teachers have the self-efficacy to know "how good is good enough." Finally, all teachers have been provided the necessary professional learning to be able to identify the skills needed to instruct students to problem-solve, reason, communicate and make connections to real-world experiences for optimum learning. We believe the rigorous instruction, coupled with standards-based classrooms and ongoing coaching opportunities, will increase student achievement in all academic areas.

Curriculum Staff Phone Email
Keshia Douglas (Director) (404) 272-6008
Tammy Anderson (Specialist) (470) 585-8230
Isheka Grant-Bowen (Specialist) (470) 585-5482
Rise Jenkins