January 15, 2021


Today, the DJJ Employee Spotlight shines on DeKalb Multi-Service Center Juvenile Probation Manager (JPM) Tyrese Harris. Beginning with his work in 2017 as a Juvenile Probation Parole Specialist III for the Newton Community Services Office, JPM Harris has been an essential part of DJJ and the Community Services Division.

Tyrese Harris Headshot
DeKalb MSC JPM Tyrese Harris

Nominated for the Employee Spotlight by District-5 Director Tamica Coleman, JPM Tyrese Harris defines “teamwork.” Since joining DJJ, JPM Harris has been a leader who cares, volunteers for different tasks, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, whether youth or fellow employees. An exemplary manager, JPM Harris, has the confidence and humility to listen to others and incorporate change where needed to help better DJJ and those working with him for common goals. His willingness to go beyond the routine has led him to become the Volunteer Coordinator for District Five and a trainer at the DJJ Academy for new staff during Basic Community Service Supervision Training.

Beyond his daily professionalism, JPM Harris is also a positive inspiration to those lucky to experience his presence. Known for saying, “Living the Dream!” Tyrese Harris’s positivity spreads to wherever he goes, encouraging others to find the good in their lives, work, and life experiences.

Recently honored by his staff and co-JPM for his leadership and dedication, DJJ likewise thanks and appreciates JPM Tyrese Harris for his service to the state, its citizens, and the DJJ youth.