Employee Spotlight: JPPS II Megan Avery

JPPS II Megan Avery
JPPS II Megan Avery

This month's DJJ Employee Spotlight focuses on JPPS II Megan Avery of the Walker Community Services Office (Walker CSO). As Senior Probation Officer for the Walker CSO, Megan Avery goes above and beyond the scope of her duties every day to help the families she serves better their circumstances in their local communities.

A member of the DJJ team for four years, Megan strives to help her co-workers in any way possible, taking on extra duties to ensure the success of the Walker CSO. Megan also looks beyond the immediate to think outside the box to improve life in her community.

A creative project helmed by Megan is the "Back to School Bash," where she works with the Walker County Sheriff's Office (CSO) to provide lunch, backpacks, and school supplies to local youth. Coordinating with local partners, Megan brings youth to the Walker CSO for food and to meet community supporters helping students with the new school year, and even provide haircuts from local barber volunteers.

Megan also looks out for the well -being of others by providing birthday cakes for youth on her caseload who do not have the means to celebrate. She is in the process of developing the "Snack Pantry" to provide nourishment between meals for those in need.

Through recognizing the importance of building relationships, identifying unmet needs, and being a positive example in the lives of our youth, DJJ honors the works and dedication of JPPS II Megan Avery.