JPPS II Joe Hartley
JPPS II Joe Hartley

In this month’s DJJ Employee Spotlight, we recognize JPPS II Joseph T. Hartley from the Community Services Office in Telfair County. With over thirty years of service to the citizens of Georgia, JPPS II Hartley is an inspiration to his peers in the field and community.

Recipient of the 2019 District 9 Case Manager of the Year Award, Mr. Hartley provides excellent school-based probation services and always participates in community events to broaden DJJ’s footprint in the counties he serves.  His 100% rating on standards of contact, Medicaid contacts, service plans, needs assessments, and placement contacts consistently places Mr. Hartley at the top of his field .

Beyond his daily professionalism, Joe Hartley is a leader for DJJ in the community.  Each year, Mr. Hartley dedicates much time and effort into the Teen Maze project for local schools to encourage youth to engage in behavior that will lead to positive futures.  Additionally, Joe attends Career Day at local schools to share the fantastic employment opportunities to those interested in DJJ.  While speaking to local youths during Red Ribbon Week, Joe Hartley educates others of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse while assisting with solutions to help our children to make wiser choices. Mr. Hartley also takes time to read to our children during annual Community Readers events and is a leader at his church, devoting a week each year religious development to youth.

Joe Hartley sets a daily example for the youth, which he serves as well as his co-workers who are recipients of the wealth of knowledge and expertise. DJJ thanks JPPS II Hartley for his devotion to the mission of the agency.