DJJ Focus: Armoni Boyd-Strozier at Fort Valley State University

March 28, 2018

When it comes to the general public’s understanding of the day-to-day workings of the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), one of the facts that surprises many people is that DJJ has its own school system, the Georgia Preparatory Academy (GPA). Accredited by AdvancED, GPA is Georgia’s 181st school district and has 29 campuses across Georgia located in Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDCs), Youth Development Campuses (YDCs) and Education Transition Centers (ETCs).

GPA has gained a strong and positive reputation for helping students maintain (or expand) their studies in preparation for  their return to neighborhood schools or to provide an option for youths to obtain a GED or high school diploma while in DJJ’s care.

One aspect rarely talked about is how the GPA experience provides a competitive environment for post-graduate studies for those students wishing to further their education beyond the walls of DJJ. Could DJJ and GPA actually provide a benefit for certain youth to thrive and maximize their academic potential?

Meet Armoni Boyd-Strozier.

Since coming to DJJ, Armoni Boyd-Strozier has flourished in the positive academic environment provided by GPA. A 20-year old from Fayetteville, Boyd-Strozier is a student at Fort Valley State University, taking courses through the eCore system. Currently in his fifth semester, Boyd-Strozier has completed 30 hours of college credit and is a college sophomore.

Because of the flexibility of eCore and the willingness of GPA leadership to work with its students, Armoni Boyd-Strozier has had the chance to continue his studies after receiving his high school degree. eCore is a collaborative program of the University System of Georgia (USG) established with the goal to make higher education more accessible. eCore offers students the opportunity to complete undergraduate requirements completely online via public colleges and universities within the USG. eCore courses are taught by instructors and are transferrable within most regionally accredited schools, including Fort Valley State University.

With his new-found ability to compete academically, Armoni Boyd-Strozier is moving forward and not looking backward. Recently, Boyd-Strozier was recognized at Fort Valley State’s Honors Convocation for high scholastic achievers. He looks forward to attending college full-time and to graduating with a bachelor’s degree after leaving DJJ. Ultimately, Boyd-Strozier desires to complete his MBA and work in the entertainment field as an artist-manager. As DJJ Board Member Dick Yarbrough mentioned in a recent article, Armoni Boyd-Strozier is “the real deal” and one should not “bet against this man.”

DJJ salutes Armoni Boyd-Strozier for his hard work and success and will continue to facilitate the future academic success of all who follow him.

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