Division of Secure Detention



The Division of Secure Detention is responsible for the daily management of all 19 Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDCs) in the Department of Juvenile Justice system. 

Regional Youth Detention Centers provide temporary, secure care and supervision to youth who have been charged with offenses or who have been adjudicated delinquent and are awaiting placement. In addition, youth who have been committed to the custody of DJJ are sometimes placed in an RYDC while awaiting treatment in a community program or a long-term facility.

DJJ's Regional Administrators, RYDC Directors, and the Office of Continuous Improvement ensure that each RYDC follows departmental policy and procedures and provides quality services in the following areas: Medical, Education, Behavioral Health, Nutrition and general programming. 

Division of Secure Detention

3408 Covington Highway

Decatur, Georgia 30032


Pamela Johnson, Deputy Commissioner

A. Martha Dalesio, Assistant Deputy Commissioner

Audrey Stokes, Assistant Deputy Commissioner

Selma Calloway, Regional Administrator

Fra Johnson-Maddox, Regional Administrator


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