Employee Spotlight September 2020: JPO Jeremy May

The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice would like to recognize Juvenile Probation Officer (JPO) Jeremy May from the Bibb County High-Intensity Team Supervision (Bibb HITS) in District Six.  

Employed by DJJ since 2015, JPO May is committed to the well-being of youth under his supervision in the community. When DJJ’s Atlanta Youth Detention Center was faced with staffing issues, JPO May volunteered to work at the facility helping to ensure that the needs of agency were met.  

It is no surprise that Mr. May is always willing to aid his colleagues as needed and is a leader while working his daily duties. His passion for his career is undeniable as he approaches each case with care and compassion. 

We acknowledge Jeremy May for his #DJJDedication! 

Bibb HITS JPO Jeremy May
Bibb HITS JPO Jeremy May