DeKalb RYDC Inaugural Youth Debate

January 7, 2019

Photos and story support from DeKalb RYDC Assistant Director of Programs Rebecca Gonzales

Recently, the DeKalb Regional Youth Detention Center (DeKalb RYDC) held their first annual Inaugural Youth Debate. The purpose of the Youth Debate is to help facilitate youth's abilities to communicate and to support their needs in an appropriate manner.  By making youth understand the difference between productive and non-productive communication, the Youth Debate helps to provide a fun and challenging experience that expands opportunities for rehabilitation.

With a dynamic introduction by professional social services worker Kevin Walker and moderated by Volunteer Resource Coordinator ShaRon LovettOzeum, the DeKalb RYDC Youth Debate was a success for all involved.  Between researching topics and developing debate structures and rebuttals, the participating youth took pride in all of their efforts. While the public speaking aspect of the debate initially was daunting, confidence grew for all as the event unfolded.

Special thanks to DeKalb RYDC Director Latisha Story for her support and the staff probation officers who took the time to witness this exciting new youth event.

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