Georgia Preparatory Academy - Online

Georgia Preparatory Academy Online

Georgia Preparatory Academy Online

GPA Online offers individualized instruction, a variety of courses, a flexible learning environment, and support from teachers and counselors. GPA Online is the fourth program within the DJJ School System.  This program is primarily designed for high school students, grades 9-12, who are unable to return to public school.  This program provides students with an alternative path to complete a high school diploma as opposed to dropping out of school or earning a GED Diploma.

Qualifying youth include students released from an RYDC or YDC during the semester and do not live in the Education Transition Center (ETC) catchment area.  Also included are students who complete a semester and cannot return to school the following semester, and students who need 1-4 credits to graduate.  Students may come from facility or from the community if under DJJ supervision.


Student are enrolled in GPA Online via referrals by DJJ School Counselors, local school leadership and community.  Once referred, a DJJ School Counselor will review the student’s transcripts and credits to determine remaining coursework. 

GPA Online students must meet all graduation requirements including credits earned and assessments. Unlike the traditional setting, GPAO students are assigned courses in the Edgenuity Online Program with an Edgenuity teacher. Students are required to complete Georgia Milestone End of Course assessments (EOC).  If students have a device at home, they may begin courses immediately. If students do not have a device, they will be issued one that includes the internet. This device is distributed and monitored by DJJ JPPS and will require a legal agreement signed by the student and the parent/guardian.

Students work at the time of day that works best for their schedule. There are no face-to-face meetings. GPA Online students are given a course schedule to follow and due dates that must be met. However, students may work ahead in their courses. The diploma from GPA Online will be accepted just as a diploma from any other public high school is accepted.