DJJ Organization

The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice provides organizational leadership and establishes the vision for the Agency. DJJ is headquartered in Decatur, Georgia and has approximately 26 Secure Facilities and 96 Community Services Offices throughout the state.

DJJ Executive Management Team is comprised of the Chief of Staff,  the Assistant Commissioner and four Deputy Commissioners.  Additional, the team consist of the Associate Superintendent of Schools, the Chief Financial Officer, and the General Counsel who report directly to the Commissioner. 

Office of Commissioner

While the Commissioner oversees the daily operations of DJJ, this following organizational chart reflects his executive management team, as well as other direct reports including the Assistant Commissioner/Chief of Staff, a second Assistant Commissioner, the Office of Legal Services, Office of Government Relations, Division of Education and the Office of Financial Services.

Assistant Commissioner/Chief of Staff - Sean C. Hamilton

Assistant Commissioner and Chief of Staff Sean C. Hamilton is responsible for implementing the Commissioner's guidance and providing strategic direction for all Divisions under his supervision. Direct reports include the Division of Secure Detention, Division of Secure Campuses, Division of Administrative Services (to include Human Resources), Division of Support Services (to include Office of Chaplaincy Services), Office of Communications, and Office of Special Operations.

Chief of Staff Hamilton joined the DJJ family in 2016 after serving as the Assistant Secretary for the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice. Mr. Hamilton has 29 years of experience working with delinquent youth and abused and neglected children and their families. He is a member of the American Correctional Association (ACA) where he serves as Chair of the Equal Rights Committee and has been a member of ACA’s Restorative Justice and Victims Committee. Chief of Staff Hamilton holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Social Work from Southern University in New Orleans.

Catina Martin-Fenner
Assistant Commissioner - Catina Martin-Fenner

Catina Martin-Fenner is the Assistant Commissioner for the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. As Assistant Commissioner, Mrs. Martin-Fenner has the primary responsibility for the Division of Community Services, Office of Ombudsman, the Financial Auditor, and Office of Professional Standards/Training (Emergency Management, Victim/Volunteer Services/ACA, Training, Continuous Improvement). 

Prior to her appointment, she served as the Deputy Commissioner where she had oversight of 96 Community Service Offices, the Office of Community-Based Services/Residential Services and the Office of Reentry Services. Martin-Fenner has over 20 years of experience working at all levels of the Community Services Division to include: Juvenile Probation Parole Specialist II, Juvenile Probation Parole Specialist III, Juvenile Program Manager, District Director, Director of Operations, and as Assistant Deputy Commissioner. Mrs. Martin-Fenner obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Albany State University and holds a Master of Science in Counseling and Psychology from Troy State University. 

Jean Lee

Division of Education - Jean Lee

Jean Lee is Associate Superintendent of Schools for Georgia’s 181st school district. The Georgia Preparatory Academy (GPA) is accredited by AdvancED as the middle school and high school within the DJJ School System. There are 29 GPA campuses across Georgia located in Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDCs), Youth Development Campuses (YDCs) and Education Transition Centers (ETCs). Associate Superintendent Jean Lee is a 15-year educator whose commitment to school improvement has been demonstrated at the local, state, and national levels.

Andrew Laarhoven

Division of Financial Services - Andrew Laarhoven

Andrew Laarhoven is Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Juvenile Justice. The DJJ Office of Financial Services includes the Offices of Federal Programs, Budget, Accounting, and Procurement. Its overall responsibility is to ensure the Department is within state budgetary compliance, adheres to GAAP accounting principles and is compliant with all federal and state laws related to fiscal affairs.

CFO Laarhoven has served as the DJJ Budget Director and started his career as a Policy Analyst in the Public Safety Division of the Governor’s Office of Planning & Budget (OPB).

Cindy Wang

Office of Legal Services - Cindy Wang

DJJ Legal Services is headed by General Counsel Cindy Wang, who also serves as the Department’s Ethics Officer. The Office of Legal Services handles the legal interests of the agency and works closely with the Attorney General’s Office to represent the Department in state and federal courts. The Office handles youth-related matters in the courts; reviews and drafts contracts, legal documents and amendments to Board Rules; assists with policy development and provides training to staff and other legal professionals. Legal Services is also responsible for responding to requests for public information pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act. General Counsel Wang has been with DJJ for three of her 16 years with the State. 

Division of Secure Campuses -- Sherry Shoats, Deputy Commissioner

Sherry Shoats is Deputy Commissioner at the Division of Secure Campuses, responsible for the daily management of all seven of Georgia’s Youth Development Campuses (YDCs) and Special Operations. All YDCs provide secure care, supervision and treatment services to youth who have been committed to the custody of DJJ for long-term programs.  

Deputy Commissioner Shoats has been providing professional secure care services for at-risk youth at the Department of Juvenile Justice for nearly 15 years.

The Division is responsible for the daily management of seven Youth Development Campuses (YDCs).

Division of Secure Detention – Pamela Johnson, Deputy Commissioner

Pamela Johnson is Deputy Commissioner over the Division of Secure Detention where she is responsible for the daily management of all 19 Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDCs) in the DJJ system.  RYDC’s provide temporary, secure care and supervision to youth who have been charged with offenses or who have been adjudicated delinquent and are awaiting placement. Youth who have been committed to the custody of DJJ are sometimes placed in an RYDC while awaiting treatment in a community program or a long-term facility. 

DC Pamela Johnson has served with dedication to Georgia’s Juvenile Justice system during the past 20 years, working in professional roles throughout the Agency. DC Johnson also serves as current President of the Georgia Juvenile Services Association (GJSA) and delegate member of the American Correctional Association (ACA).  


Division of Community Services -- Victor Roberts, Deputy Commissioner

Victor Roberts is Deputy Commissioner at the Division of Community Services, responsible for intake, case management, probation, supervision, detention planning, aftercare supervision and Re-entry services. In some areas, county staff provides intake and probation or shared services with the Department. Intake is the decision-making point at which a youth is either diverted from or formally processed into the juvenile justice system. 

Deputy Commissioner Roberts has been providing professional services for youth at the Department of Juvenile Justice for over 20 years

Margaret Cawood
Division of Support Services – Margaret Cawood, Deputy Commissioner

Margaret Cawood is Deputy Commissioner for the Division of Support Services (DSS). This Division is responsible for the Office of Behavioral Health Services (OBHS), the Office of Classification and Transportation Services (OCATS), and the Office of Nutrition, and medical and dental services. DSS regionals provide consultation and oversight of PBIS program and recreation activities. These services are provided on a daily basis to youth in DJJ care in all 26 secure facilities where the Division has been expanding its agency role as a result of Georgia's Juvenile Justice Reform.

Deputy Commissioner Cawood has more than 30 years of experience in community mental health services, residential programing and the youth development field. Eighteen of those years have been with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Shawanda Reynolds-Cobb
Division of Administrative Services - Shawanda Reynolds-Cobb, Deputy Commissioner

Shawanda Reynolds-Cobb is Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Administrative Services. Administrative Services encompasses the Office of Contracts, Office of Grants and Building Services, Office of Technology and Information Services, Office of Assets and Property Management, Office of Real Estate Management and Strategic Planning, Office of Continuous Improvement, Office of Engineering and the DJJ Criminal History Unit. DC Reynolds-Cobb has 25 years of state experience including time worked at the Criminal Justice Council overseeing the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program.