Doing Business with DJJ


Vendors interested in seeking business with DJJ are highly encouraged to register as a supplier with the State Purchasing Division through its Team Georgia Market Place System (TGM). 

Any service that is over $25,000, not on an existing Statewide Mandatory Contract List and not recognized as an “exempt” service by the State Purchasing Division must be competitively bid. A listing of the current services exempt by State Purchasing may be found at NIGP Exempt List. Please note: this listing contains Commodity Items as well; items are listed by their National Institute of Government Purchasing Code (NIGP Code). Services begin in the 900s.

As mentioned above, any procurement opportunity over $25,000 must be competitively procured and as such, must be advertised on the State Purchasing website for public viewing. The official website location for all publicly advertised procurements for the state of Georgia is the Georgia Procurement Registry. DJJ may advertise procurement opportunities on the DJJ website for informational purposes only; however, the State Purchasing website is the official site for all information and proposal submission.

Once DJJ (or any agency using TGM) publishes a procurement opportunity on the State Purchasing Website, if the NIGP Codes identified for the opportunity match any of the NIGP Codes a vendor has registered in the TGM System, the TGM System will notify the vendor's contact person registered in the TGM System of the procurement opportunity.


The DJJ Office of Financial Services Purchasing also procures commodities and services for DJJ. Vendors interested in these opportunities should contact the particular section for opportunities within their area of responsibility:

Commodities and Ancillary Contracts - The DJJ Office of Financial Services Purchasing Manager is responsible for all purchasing activities for commodity items and non-service related procurements. All procurement requests for commodities not on Statewide Contract and over $25,000 are advertised on the Georgia Procurement Registry website by the Agency. Vendors may register for these type procurements at the same TGM System website listed above.