School System FAQ's

  • Is Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) - Georgia Preparatory Academy (GPA) a real school?

    Yes, DJJ/GPA is the school district 891 in the state of Georgia.  It is accredited by AdvancED and all teachers, administrators, and counselors have Georgia Professional Standards Commission certification.

  • Do my child's grades count?

    Yes, all grades and credits earned can transfer to other school systems.

  • Can my child graduate from DJJ/GPA?

    Yes, students can earn a Georgia Preparatory Academy high school diploma.

  • Can my child earn a GED diploma while in DJJ?

    Yes, there is a Pathway to Success (GED) program within the DJJ School System.

  • Can my child take the Georgia Milestones End of Grade, End of Course and other state tests while in DJJ/GPA?

    Yes, DJJ/GPA administers all state-mandated tests.  For additional information on assessment overview , please click here.

  • Can my child go to technical college while in DJJ/GPA?

    Students can earn a Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) from technical colleges across the state.  Classes are taught on the DJJ/GPA campuses.

  • How do I get my records from DJJ/GPA?

    Please complete a Record Request form found here in order to get youth individual educational records.

  • Can I visit my child's school?

    Yes, there is an Open House held during the school year.  For other visits, please contact the Principal or Lead Teacher listed on the School Locations page.

  • Can I bring my child's work from public school to a Georgia Preparatory Academy school?

    Yes, if it is for an enrollment of less than 10 days in the RYDC.  Contact the Principal or Lead Teacher listed on the School Locations page to make arrangements.

  • How long is the school year?

    Georgia Preparatory Academy is a year-round school with two semesters that are 90 school days each and a summer session.