Why Parents Are Important

Parents and guardians are an important, valuable resource in a youth's development and rehabilitation. We urge parents and guardians to become and remain involved and engaged in their child's future and help their children succeed. Research shows that the primary influence (or lack thereof) for a youth stems from a stable family or home environment. Unfortunately, some family units (no matter how they might be defined in today's world) do not effectively function due to physical or emotional abuse, neglect, substance abuse, and /or lack of interest by the parents or guardians in the children's lives. Often environment can affect a youth's behavior. If a neighborhood is full of bad influences and other delinquents, chances are greater that the peer pressure will eventually erode a youth's resolve to rise above the violence and crime and instead will succumb to it. Since moving a child out of the neighborhood in which you live is not always an option, parents and guardians may want to seek help from available resources.

In the meantime, as your child is committed to a DJJ facility, you may have many questions:

What is an RYDC and a YDC?

Download this pdf file. Can you explain what the criminal justice process is for juveniles?

Does DJJ have a school?

Where do I find visitor information?

Can you offer any parenting resources?

I've got other questions.