Visitation, Phone Calls and Correspondence

Visitation at DJJ Secure Facilities

The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) offers visitation hours for parents, guardians, and family members at secure facilities statewide. Personnel from DJJ secure facilities will contact parents and legal guardians to arrange visitations with youths.

Additionally, phone and video call visitations continue through state-issued smartphones, tablets, or computers. These calls are complimentary and accessible to parents, guardians, or family members with approved visitation rights. If you are not an approved visitor, you are encouraged to contact your child's facility to learn more.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to reach out to the facility for visitation schedules. Items such as alcohol, cigarettes, money, gum, snacks, drugs, and weapons are prohibited. Vending machines are present, and snacks purchased must be eaten during the visit. Typically, a child is permitted an initial phone call upon arrival and before their detention hearing at the RYDC. Subsequent calls are limited to one free call per week. For all schedules, please consult the child's detention counselor. Children may write unlimited postcards at set times, but without additional stamps from guardians, only two postcards per week will be mailed.