Office of Behavioral Health Services

The Office of Behavioral Health Services (OBHS) is committed to ensuring that youth in DJJ facilities receive the services they need and manages and administers the behavioral health service program in all DJJ facilities. These services include mental health, general counseling, case management, sexually harmful behaviors, and substance abuse treatment. In addition, OBHS oversees the implementation and fidelity of DJJ’s Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports program in secure facilities.

Services offered to youth adhere to current best practices and meet the identified needs of the youth in DJJ secure facilities, utilizing evidence-based interventions. Services offered are driven through individualized treatment and service plans developed individually for each youth.

The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice is a multi-faceted agency that serves the state`s justice-involved youth up to age 21. Each day, at 25 facilities and 78 community services offices throughout the state, more than 3,400 DJJ employees work diligently to effect justice as well as redirect and shape the young lives in the agency`s care so they can take responsibility for their delinquent conduct as well as become contributing members of society. At the same time, DJJ seeks to protect the victims of crimes so that they can rebuild their lives.
While holding justice-involved youth accountable for their actions through probation supervision and secure detention, DJJ provides them with medical and mental health treatment, as well as specialized programs designed to equip them with the social, intellectual, and emotional tools they will need as adults. DJJ also places a premium on education.