(Dalton, GA) – Alberto Rodriguez, a youth at the Elbert Shaw Regional Youth Detention Center (RYDC), is inspiring his fellow classmates and staff through art. Over the past several months, Rodriguez has been busy painting the Georgia Preparatory Academy’s (GPA) insignia, the facility’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) motto and a cottage motif throughout the hallways of the facility.


“Alberto is very gifted and possesses a tremendous amount of artistic talent,” said GPA vocational instructor April Baker. “We want to use talent like Rodriguez’s to cultivate an atmosphere where we prepare our students for a future they want, not the life they had.”


“My murals enable me to express myself in a positive way. They encourage others, motivate me and take my mind off things I can’t change,” Rodriguez said. “Being able to express myself through art gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment, especially when I see the reaction of those who see my finished work.” According to staff, Rodriguez is always encouraging his classmates to participate in activities and to work together as a student body.


GPA teachers and instructors also incorporate art in many of their lessons through the Art Across the Curriculum initiative. Additionally, students at Elbert Shaw RYDC enjoy gardening in the facility’s greenhouse and participating in family engagement events. “Each activity builds upon the others to encourage, inspire and influence all of our students to realize their full potential. We want to give them an outlet they can all take part in,” said Baker.


DJJ thanks Lowe’s, White’s, Ace Hardware and other local businesses in Dalton for donating paint and supplies so students like Rodriguez can participate in art projects. The generosity of these businesses allows GPA students to see that the community supports them and is rooting for them to succeed.





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