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My Body Is Not For Sale Poster (PDF File)

Exploitation is NOT Love Poster (PDF File)

The Life Isn't Really Living Poster (PDF File)

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PREA Orientation Video with DJJ Commissioner Avery D. Niles

Safeguarding Your Sexual Safety: A PREA Orientation Video

This is an excellent presentation for youth about the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). It is intended to be used during orientation to the facility. Sections contained in this presentation are: Introductions - what's it really like; Part 1 - understanding your rights versus privileges; Part 2 - zero tolerance means zero; Part 3 - ensuring safety - i.e. grooming, letting others know of inappropriate touch, sharing of contraband by staff, sharing of personal information by staff, bullying by other youth; making reports - feeling free to report problems and the many ways to do so; Part 5 - safety for girls; and Conclusion - do the program, be well, and stay safe.

Keeping Our Kids Safe: The Prison Rape Elimination Act and Juvenile Justice

Part One

Part Two

This video examines effective strategies for preventing sexual assault and misconduct in both male and female juvenile correctional settings. Topics include: locations of assault, consequences, approaches, statistics, prevention and reduction, youth issues, prosecution, outcomes and action points.

Responding to Prisoner Rape

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

This video examines effective strategies for preventing sexual assault and misconduct in both male and female correctional settings.

Facing Prison Rape

Part One

Part Two

This informational video discusses the elements of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 and the critical issues facing administrators.


The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) mandates a ZERO TOLERANCE toward all forms of sexual abuse and harassment. The policy provides guidelines for staff to reduce the risk of sexual abuse within DJJ facilities/programs/offices (owned, operated or contracted).

Youth who engage in sexual assaults or sexual abuse will be strongly disciplined and may be referred for criminal prosecution.

Employees who engage in sexual assault or sexual abuse with youth will be terminated from employment and will be referred for criminal prosecution.when applicable.


1. PREA is Good Safety and Security
2. Good Safety and Security is Good Intelligence
3. Good Intelligence Leads to Good Prevention
4. Good Prevention Leads to Good Detection
5. Good Detection Leads to a Good Response
6. A Good Response Leads to Good Monitoring
7. Good Monitoring Leads to a Good PREA Program Model


National Institute of Corrections

Washington College of Law Project on Addressing Prison Rape

The Moss Group, Incorporated

Bureau of Justice Assistance

Just Detention International

Bureau of Justice Statistics Reports on Sexual Violence

Department of Justice Notice of Proposed Rule Making (PREA Draft Standards)

BJA/NIC National Resource Center on Criminal Justice Involving Women

National PREA Resource Center

Youth Education Booklets

Billy Speaks Out Booklet (for male youth ages 14-18)

Carlo's Question Booklet (for male youth ages 14-18)

Charlie's Report Booklet (for male youth ages 14-18)

Mary's Friend Booklet (for male youth ages 14-18)

Sheila's Dilemma Booklet (for male youth ages 14-18)


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