Pathway to Success (GED)

An adult education program, Pathway to Success (GED) is offered to students who meet the minimum admission criteria. Students are provided instruction to prepare them for the Official GED Ready exam and the Official GED test. Official GED tests are administered by local technical colleges on DJJ campuses.

In order to be considered for Adult Education, student transcripts and an Adult Education Enrollment Worksheet must be reviewed and completed by the school counselor to ensure that Adult Education is the appropriate placement for the student. Once a student is determined to be eligible for Adult Education, a Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) will be given to determine the educational level on which the student will be placed:

0-5.9 Basic Education
6.0-8.9 PreGED
9.0-12.9 GED

Our campuses are served by the following Technical Colleges:

YDC Youth Served Affiliated Technical College Website
Atlanta YDC 15-21 year old males Georgia Piedmont Technical College
Augusta YDC 15-21 year old males Augusta Technical College
Eastman YDC 15-21 year old males Oconee Fall Line Technical College
Macon YDC 15-21 year old females Central Georgia Technical College
Milledgeville YDC 15-21 year old males Central Georgia Technical College
Muscogee YDC 15-21 year old males Columbus Technical College
Sumter YDC 15-21 year old males South Georgia Technical College

How do I take the GED test?

Students that reach the GED level on the TABE test will be allowed to take the GED Test. This is a four-subject high school equivalency test that measures skills in social studies, science, mathmatical reasoning, and reasoning through language arts. In order to be eligible to test, the student must have taken the GED Ready Official Practice test, and have a passing score of 145. A test administrator from the assigned technical college will come the facility to administer the test. Results are usually received within two days.

What happens if I lose my diploma and transcript, or need an additional official transcript for an employer?

Additional copies can be obtained online, through the mail or in person.  Replacement copies cost $15 and can be obtained by accessing the following link:

For additional resources and information regarding GED, please feel free to visit the following link:

Holly Cannon, Adult Education Program Specialist
Pathway to Success, Adult Education Program

Phone: (404) 823-5062
Fax: (478) 374-6979

Locations Instructors
Atlanta YDC Wilson, Shannon |
Augusta YDC Blocker, Deshawne |
Bibb County ETC Baird, Barbara |
Chatham County ETC McCall, Dallacey |
Eastman YDC Allen, Lychelle |
Macon YDC Baird, Barbara |
Metro RYDC Pou, Arlena |
Milledgeville YDC Davis, Chris |
Muscogee YDC Williams, Linda |
Richmond County ETC Johnson, Narissia |
Sumter YDC Pless, Kelvin |