DJJ Media Policies – DJJ Youth Privacy Statement

Generally, information concerning a youth in the Juvenile Justice system is confidential.

  • As a result, DJJ is not able to provide any information about any juvenile. 

  • The Department may neither confirm nor deny that a juvenile either is or ever was in a DJJ secure facility or under DJJ supervision. 

  • The Department does not provide photographs of current or former juvenile offenders to the public or to the media unless otherwise required by law.

  • This policy applies regardless of whether the juvenile is in a secure facility, is under supervision in a community setting, or is in DJJ care of any other type.

However, DJJ may provide information about a youth if we receive a release signed by the youth’s parent or legal custodian (or by the youth him/herself if at least age 18).

If you have any questions regarding the youth’s privacy rights, please contact the DJJ Office of Legal Services at [email protected] or at 404-508-7243.