Board Meeting Information

The Board of Juvenile Justice consists of 15 members, each appointed by the Governor. Pursuant to Title 49-4A-2, Official Code of Georgia, the Board of Juvenile Justice establishes the general policy to be followed by the Department of Juvenile Justice. The objective of the Board is to provide leadership in developing programs to successfully rehabilitate juvenile offenders committed to the state’s custody and to provide guidance to the Commissioner.

The Board is a combination of professionals, attorneys, law enforcement, public servants and others interested in improving the juvenile justice system in Georgia.


The board consists of at least one member but not more than two members from each of the state's congressional districts, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Georgia State Senate. Following the initial staggering of board terms, each succeeding appointment is for five years.

A three-member non-voting judicial advisory council is appointed by the Governor and consists of three juvenile court judges providing the board with a judicial perspective on board issues.


By law, the Department of Juvenile Justice is designated a special school district. Therefore, Board members also serve as DJJ school board members. The objective of the Board is to meet the requirements of the law for public schools and rules and regulations of the State Board of Education. The Board must establish educational services and programs in the special school district so that all youth are served with the same quality and education content as found in other schools within the state.


The Board meets the fourth Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted. All meetings are open to the public and their locations are posted on the Department’s website. Meetings are usually held at DJJ’s Central Office and begin at 10 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming DJJ Board Meeting Information