TIP Form

The information recorded in this form is for information purposes only. In case of an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

Use the Tip Form to report:

Officer Safety


Concealment Techniques

Sexual Abuse (PREA)

Gang-Related Information

Facility Safety / Security

Youth Safety

If your TIP information is not associated with any of the above categories, please consider the following options:

Contact the Office of the Ombudsman

Generate a Special Incident Report (DJJ Policy 8.5) for allegations of Employee Misconduct.

File an Employee Complaint for any supervisory related matters (as outlined in DJJ Policy 3.23)

Notify the office of Human Resources (Employee Relations Unit) for any FLSA or work hour related concerns.

Performance Management is a part of everything managers do in interacting with employees to accomplish Agency goals and to encourage employee success.  The Performance Management Program (PMP) is the framework for ongoing management practices that promote continuous improvement.

Contact The Office of the Ombudsman

Family members, advocates, and other concerned citizens can report complaints to the Office of the Ombudsman on behalf of youth under supervision of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice.

Mail to:

3408 Covington Highway
Decatur, GA 30032
United States