DJJ Cares: Harris County/Talbot County Tornado Relief

March 15, 2019

In times of trouble, Georgians are known for pulling together and helping their fellow citizens whenever and wherever help is needed. At the start of March, a series of terrible tornadoes hit south-central Georgia. In Harris and Talbot Counties, people were left homeless as the tornadoes destroyed homes and knocked down acres of trees. Governor Brian Kemp declared this part of the state a disaster area and encouraged everyone to pitch in and provide support for those in need.

For Department of Juvenile Justice employees who lived near the disaster scene, there was no question to what they were going to do after the tornadoes: being part of a community means that your neighbors are your friends and that you help your friends like you would help your family. This strong sense of community is the reason why, a week after the disaster, DJJ employees came together with other businesses and families to come together to provide tornado relief to all the affected members of the storm.

Working with Amerigroup, employees from the DJJ Central Office, Muscogee MSC, and Muscogee YDC donated over 650 items to the victims of the tornadoes.  Also, many of these same employees came together at the storm distribution center to help transport clothing, water, and food to those residents still displaced.

The hard work and generosity of those DJJ employees who gave of their time and money were not lost on those organizing the relief efforts:

"Today was absolutely beautiful! I want to tell each of you how grateful I am for you and to share the same pace working with you in our communities today.  This was a very quick turnaround for all of us.  Mondays are crazy for all of us but each of you showed up and showed out.  I thank you for your partnership, commitment, and the desire to be and live being a servant leader to others."

                                     -----Lauren Chambers, Amerigroup Marketing Account Manager

The Department of Juvenile Justice would like to thank all the volunteers for their donations and time for this important effort.  To view a WRBL CBS news story on the local tornado relief, click here.


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