Fisheries Biologist Visits Terrell County RYDC

September 13, 2017

Department of Natural Resources (DNR) senior fisheries biologist John Kilpatrick recently visited Terrell County RYDC to teach the youth about the types of local fish found in south Georgia’s waters. Kilpatrick brought an ice chest full of fish samples from the Flint River. Youth were able to hold a Bullhead, Carp, Largemouth Bass, Sunfish, Walleye and Yellow Perch and learn about each fish’s anatomy. He described different fishing techniques as well. 

“I had not known this type of opportunity was available until Ann Williams asked me to come to Terrell County RYDC,” said Kilpatrick. “I knew this was something I wanted to do. I could not pass up the opportunity to teach the youth on a subject I am so passionate about.” 

Kilpatrick talked to the youth about the importance of conservation efforts in the Flint River and the state, and explained the role DNR has in that effort. He sought to give the youth a greater appreciation for the environment and local wildlife. One youth mentioned, “It’s pretty cool to learn hands-on about what types of fish and wildlife are found nearby instead of from a textbook.”

Kilpatrick spent the rest of the afternoon entertaining the youth with fishing stories from his childhood. He also described plenty of great areas to fish in Georgia and encouraged the youth to give fishing a try in the future. Kilpatrick is a U.S. Navy veteran and received his degree in aquatic biology from Ball State University. He has spent 11 years working for DNR and currently resides in Leesburg with his family. 

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