DJJ Views from the 2019 School Lunch Hero Day

On Friday, May 3, DJJ showed their appreciation for the facility school nutrition staff as part of School Lunch Hero Day.  School Lunch Hero Day is a nationwide celebration that gives schools and communities the opportunity to thank the school nutrition professionals who serve 30 million students each day. 

The Division of Support Services (DSS) is the oversight group over the Office of Nutrition & Food Services and is blessed to experience the professionalism of Georgia's school nutrition staffs at DJJ facilities. As a way of saying THANK YOU, Deputy Commissioner Margaret Cawood, Assistant Deputy Commissioner Lisa Mantz, Office of Nutrition and Food Services Director Lauren Gean, Regional Food Service Administrator Debra McDuffie, Dietitian Jessika Anderson, and Chief Nutritionist Stephanie Henesy all pitched in to send donuts and treats to the food service workers at each facility in the DJJ system.

Beyond the gifts and treats, DJJ leadership also spent time visiting with the lunchroom staffs to tell them personally how important their work is to the overall success of the agency's mission. Assistant Deputy Commissioner Mantz spent the majority of School Lunch Hero Day at the Macon Youth Development Campus where she got to enjoy quality time with the food staff workers and provide infused oils and specialty recipes.

Regional Food Service Administrator Broderick McConico visited with the Wilkes Regional Youth Detention Center (Wilkes RYDC), Augusta Regional Youth Detention Center (Augusta RYDC), Augusta Youth Development Campus (Augusta YDC), and Milledgeville Youth Development Campus (Milledgeville YDC) during School Lunch Hero Day. During his visits, Administrator McConico spent one-on-one time with each food staff member and got to experience the dedication and pride that each employee had for their facility. Special thanks goes out to Wilkes RYDC Food Service Director Barbara Kemp, Augusta RYDC Food Service Director Valerie Orange, Augusta YDC Food Service Director Robert Braddy, and Milledgeville YDC Food Service Director Betty Miller.

Regional Food Service Administrator Porsche Washington visited the Marietta Regional Youth Detention Center (Marietta RYDC), Elbert Shaw Regional Youth Detention Center (Elbert Shaw RYDC), and Metro Regional Youth Detention Center (Metro RYDC) during School Lunch Hero Day. Administrator Washington singled out the facilities for the hard work and success the food service workers have had following special diets and maintaining high standards for food prepared for DJJ youth. Special thanks goes out to Marietta RYDC Food Service Director Selma Calloway, Shanteva Mitchell of the Metro RYDC, and Lalitta Macon of the Elbert Shaw RYDC.

At the DeKalb Regional Youth Detention Center (DeKalb RYDC), the facility staff held a potluck meal to honor the dining hall staff. Featuring chicken and some amazing decorations, the DeKalb RYDC potluck put a positive spotlight on the hard working food service workers.

The Savannah Regional Youth Detention Center (Savannah RYDC) surprised their food service staff with custom-made Super Hero Lunch Lady aprons and delicious donuts. The youth of the facility made a special banner honoring the food service staff which was placed in the cafeteria. Each unit of the facility also produced and donated signed cards from the youth.

The Department of Juvenile Justice congratulates everyone who participated in this year's Super Hero Lunch Day.