Bibb MSC/Bibb Intake: Teen Maze

Story support from JPM Sharon Hunter

On March 17th, employees of the Bibb Multi-Service Center (Bibb MSC) and the Bibb Intake Unit participated in a Teen Maze Event with the Bibb County Health Department at the Central Georgia Tech arena.   

The Teen Maze is a life-size game board that has students moving from station to station as they encounter real life choices and the consequences that come from making these choices. The goal of the Teen Maze is to reach graduation with a focus on education. By playing out these various scenarios, the students learn important lessons without failing in the real world.

For the Bibb Teen Maze Event, some of the life stations included information on:

  • Dating and healthy relationships

  • Pregnancy and parenthood

  • Distracted and drunk driving

  • STDs, safe sex and abstinence

  • Drug use and abuse

DJJ employees in Bibb County look forward to continuing to work with local teens to improve their career and life opportunities. Special thanks to everyone who participated including Carol Shines (Bibb MSC-JPM), Sharon Hunter (Bibb Intake-JPM), John Porter (Bibb MSC-JPPS II), Gregory Foster (Bibb HITS-PO I), Robert Daniel (Bibb HITS-PO I), Ceylon Smith (Bibb Intake-JPPS II) and Cole Slayton (Bibb Intake-JPPS II).










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